1: It is not the same selling 10 products per 1,000 visits than selling 10 products per 100 visits. The objective for Online Marketing is not only to get more visits but to convince clients to buy.

2: Having visits that last less than 90 seconds on your site is not a good sign. You can have thousands of visits, but if these visits stay no longer than 90 seconds, this means that clients didn’t find what they were looking for or the site was not interesting enough for them.

3: You can have lots of request for quotes, but your website will not sell if the customer service and logistics behind it don’t give prompt support and quality service. If it takes you more than one day to send a quote or e-mail, if you are never reachable on the phone, or if the quote forms and e-mail you use are not professional, your potential customers could switch to a competitor.

As you can see, there is a big difference between sales and client “visits.” So don’t get confused about doing only SEO or PPCwhen there are many other things you have to take care of before you start with this.

“Online Marketing will be a constant battle and a constant effort
to make improvements and stay alive in the market.”