SEO and PPC frequently asked questions

We would like to share with you the most common FAQs. If you have any other question, please don’t hesitate to send it to us, and we will provide an answer.

  • Question – Can I optimize my old site?
    Answer – Yes, we can optimize an old website. But before doing so, we have to analyze and decide whether to keep the old code or create a brand-new site and keep your URL.
  • Question – How much I will pay for optimizing a site or building a new one?
    Answer – This will depend of the complexity of the site, the number of pages and the keywords. We will be happy to give you a quote for your project after analyzing your needs.
  • Question – Will I get new visits when my site is optimized?
    Answer – Yes, you will get new visits after optimizing. But normally, just optimizing a site is not enough to get you a fair amount of new visits. Optimizing your site is only the first step in performing your online marketing strategy.
  • Question – How many visits will I get?
    Answer – This depends on the region, seasonality, product, clientele and market. You will get more than before, but there is no exact number. In some cases, and depending your previous site, you will boost your site by increasing visits exponentially from five visits per day to 60 visits per day or more.
  • Question – Would I be on the first page and at the top position of the search engine results and in local search results?
    Answer – This is impossible to answer. There are a lot of factors at play here. The objective is to be on the first page of the search engines, but it is impossible to place all keywords or specific ones in any position.
  • Question – Can someone guarantee me the first position?
    Answer – NO, and if they do then they know the biggest secret of search engines. They must be charging you millions of dollars.
  • Question – What is the difference between site optimization and Online Marketing?
    Answer – Site optimization is only half of the work. It is imperative to have an optimized site before conducting any Online Marketing campaign. The online marketing will help your optimized site to rank on the search engines and be found.
  • Question – Do I have to pay a monthly fee for the Online Marketing Campaign?
    Answer –There is a monthly fee for your Online Marketing Campaign, as with any other advertising media. It’s just like you would pay to be included on magazines, Yellow Book, 411, local newspapers, etc. The advantage is that you won’t pay a dime until we show you the results of our work. That is our guarantee. In other words, you pay for what you get.
  • Question – Will an AdWord campaign help my site?
    Answer –Of course, this will help you get visits right away and will complement your site optimization and online marketing strategy. We highly suggest that you use AdWord campaigns.
  • Question – How much will I pay?
    Answer – You will pay whatever you want to pay. You can establish a monthly and daily budget. From this budget each click will be deducted, depending on the cost of the click that is established by the AdWord administrator (Google, Yahoo, Facebook, etc.). If you want us to take care of your campaign, we will charge a small monthly fee. This could be fixed rate or a percentage.
  • Question – How long it will take to get my site on the search engines?
    Answer – There is no exact timeframe. It can take from three months to one year to see the first results. (For some keywords, it can take longer). It depends on the Online Marketing Strategy and content provided by you.
  • Question – Does Rhino Online Marketing do all of the work for me?
    Answer – We mostly work as a team. We will guide you and be there for you, but we will need all of the content (images, videos, text, etc.) and information about your business (product, competitors, clients, etc.). Without teamwork, we cannot guarantee any kind of placement or result, unless you want us to do all of the work for you for an extra fee (marketing research and production).