PPC = Instant Visits

PPC is the simplest way to get traffic to your site. Without SEO or PPC, you have NO chance to get visitors to your site from a search engine (There are other ways to get some traffic through YouTube, Facebook and other channels).

There are three main search engines that offer PPC: Google, Yahoo and Bing.

87% Google Searches in 2012

4.2% Bing Searches in 2012

2.4% Yahoo Searches in 2012

This is the reason why Google is popular and that Google Adwords is widely used. Actually, at Rhino we only focus on Google unless a client request a campaign in other search engines.Setting up an account is really easy and free. Using Google Adwords tool is not difficult.


Setting Up a PPC Campaign


The three most important things you have to know to setup a PPC campaign are:

PPC Keywords The keywords that you will use and how will you use them. The exact match, phrase match, broad match, exclusions, etc.

PPC Bid and Budget The bid and desire position on the PPC section, as well your budget (per campaign, daily and monthly)

PPC Ad Design What kind of ad will you use (text or image and/or extensions)


\Pay Per Click a No-Brainer\

PPC is a booster and a no-brainer for your website. Yes, you should use it, and yes, it will cost you, but it will help you get sales. You must know how to use this technique efficiently to get the most clicks with less money—efficiency.

So how does the search engine choose your site?That is hard to tell because every search engine uses a different formula, and this formula is top-secret. But there are logical techniques that will help you achieve these.


When to use PPC?


To Generate Traffic and Potential Sales From Day One

To Help Complement Your Keywords for Searches

To Understand What Clients are Looking For

You have to be always careful with PPC. You have to know your business and seasonality. You have to know how much to bid on a keyword— a higher bid will not necessarily mean that you will appear on top of the other bidders.

It is also important to clarify that studies have shown that only 20% of people click on ads. If you only focus on PPC, you will be losing 80% of potential clients. We suggest that you to use SEO techniques and create appealing ads in your PPC campaign. Review your keyword activity and results at least once per month.

If you want to know how much to spend and whether it is a good investment, Rhino Online Marketing can give you advice on your PayPerClick campaign.