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Three Reasons to Hire an Online Marketing and SEO Expert

1 Increase Sales Using Online Marketing and SEO:

Sales are important for every single business. Without sales, a business cannot survive. Who doesn’t want to sell more? Do you know that today Internet is an ideal avenue of sales for your business and that it is one of the most efficient ways to boost your sales? Who is the leader on your industry?

a. Is my website listed on the search terms when I perform a keyword search using Google or any other search engine?

b. Is my website fresh, user-friendly and enjoyable for my clients?

c. I am using all available tools to help my website sell more? (Search Engine Optimization, PayPerClick, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, blogs, etc.)

2: Communicate Using the Right Online Channels and Search Engine Strategies

Without a proper communication strategy, your true clients won’t be able to find your business. You may be investing money in the wrong channels and getting the wrong clientele. Do you know that today there are more than 350,000,000 websites.

a. Do you know who buys from you? (age, gender, location, interests, etc.)

b. Do you know when should you use the different online channels available at your disposal, or you go with the flow and use Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc., at your discretion?

3: Online Marketing = Image and Trust. Not Everything is SEO, PPC and SMM

Not everything is Search Engine Optimization (SEO), PayPerClick (PPC) or Social Media Marketing (SMM). You have to take a minute and think about your website strategy overall.

Do you know that being at the top of the first page of a Google search doesn’t guarantee you the sale? Do you know why? Because humans use senses and feelings. If you visit website with a bad design, that looks unprofessional. Would you feel at ease to buy from them if you have more options available? So focus on your website before investing money in Search Engine Optimization, PayPerClick, Social Media or any other strategy. Even if you are not on the first page on Google, you have a big advantage if your site looks professional and trustworthy.

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